Maybe we shouldn't be dismissive of witches, witch-doctors, and the religious..

So far this is the best and the most illuminating read of 2020! If you’re one of those functionally illiterate fools don’t click…

ati reverse psychology :D:D

Satanism at its best

:D:D:D:D hata na dawa si krik

You lost me at witches.

hatukrik humbwa

I read the piece. The author is such a gifted creative writer. Metaphysics and all that aside, he is very good at penning engaging stories.

Save for the feeling you get while reading that the story in the article is obviously a work of fiction (but of course he draws the facts from great research), you might easily buy into the the fables of occultism and all that BS.

Functionally illiterate fools only click on a clit.

Such things should be prohibited in the 21st century I assume, what will you say about that? I do agree it’s not fine to make it possible for everyone else. Care to share this all with me or not? I do want to keep it going. I do not need you.

What do you mean? I don’t get this.

Only muricans can come up with this hogwash,but hey,to each their own