wacthing citizen tv interview 9pm.baba man amesema parliament as it is is pass impeachment motion for ruto parliament needs less than the mps who passed bbi.what if ruto gets to win also kiambaa by elections so kales wont feel betrayed by kiuks in central,moses kuria and the likes still be vocal and appear to be sidelining uhuru,ruto is impeached,uhuru dissolves parliament next year,raila becomes dp,parliamentry elections held but not presidential,ruto cant fight kikuyus who have given his UDA party supoort in central.uhuru goes for another five years.just a thot

I believe that if the above scenario comes to pass, then comma’s, fullstops, capital letters and paragraphs will have no cause to complain.



:smiley: mpaka nimepata headache

Kitu najua ni ati Uhunye hajiskii kuenda retire.

Uhunye can’t go for another term unless he wants to see unrest all over the country.For any bonobo leader to extend his term,he needs support from majority of citizens of which uhunye lacks.

Uhuru is the only leader in the world who has the overwhelming support of the opposition and opposition leaders both in parliament and outside and can easily pass laws, including a 3rd term if he wanted, suport like we saw kwa BBI.

Supporting a handshake is one thing, agreeing to amend the constitution for the sake of a wildly ambitious individual, which basically requires a referendum, is another.

You assume the opposition don’t harbour the desire to go for the top seat when the constitutional time comes.

That issue is a politically emotive one!

Wachia siasa Raila, wewe tafuta pesa

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Wakiidhinisha BBI haikua illegal? Aache hii double-speak.

IEBC was also declared illegally constituted by the court and yet it has been conducting by elections. Parliament is illegal coz of failing to adhere to 2/3 rule.

You seriously think those other leaders don’t have their own ambitions for the presidency that they will allow the son of Jomo a third term???:rolleyes:
Think again!