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This happened to me a few months ago: I want to change my sofa, so I log onto OLX (Jiji) to find a budget bargain. I spot some very nice sets that are going for a considerably fair price. To be exact, seats that I have seen going for 60-70k, this guy is selling at 45k or so. So I think to myself, it makes sense. I call up the guy and we talk and I settle on a set. He agrees, after much resistance, to discount 2k – so I am to pay him 43k.
The deal is, he delivers the sofa, and I only pay after the sofa has come. He even says, “let them help you get it into the house first, then you send me the money.” This somehow gives me some confidence in this whole online buying.

I give him my location and he tells me he is sending his transport guys. Indeed, in like an hour or less, they are at my estate, in a pick-up and the sofa loaded on the back. The moment they arrive, they call him and he immediately calls me back, asks if I have seen the chair. I am inspecting the sofa – it is good! So he tells me that his guys will help me get the set into the house. Meanwhile, I can now send him the money so he can attend to other matters that he has kept on hold for my sake.

THAT IS THE TRICK!! This guy has no seat to sell. He goes to FB sale groups, picks some items and reposts them on OLX at a lower price to lure you. When you call him, he in turn calls the seller and pretends that he is transacting on behalf of his brother or friend (now you are the brother or friend). So he tells them to deliver the seat to you, and you will pay them. When they deliver, he asks you to send the money, and leaves you with the rightful owners of the item, whom you have not paid!! Of course, his phone will go off and the money will have been withdrawn by the time you realize you are conned. And we both know; the guys will not leave their seat – you are conned!

I was lucky that when the driver came, we started a very intimate chat in Kikuyu, and so he was wise enough to pick up some anomaly. He had gotten from the accent of the con that he was Luo, so he asked me if that guy is really my brother. That is where we connected the dots. Actually the best price of the set was 68k. I called the guy and asked him why he wanted to con me. He called me all sorts of names and switched off his phone.
Buyer Beware!
Update: Guy’s Number: 0702 728492
Truecaller ID: Derrick Wendo
Used Alias: Jack.

the only time when tribalism paid off positively



That’s a close shave. Hii itanaswa wengi.
Thanks for the post

hii ndio inaitwangwa drop shipping?
ama drop datsun 1200-ing?

Maze conmen hawalali, always coming up with new tricks. It’s like they have think tanks and R&D departments.

Wah! This is one clever motherfucker…

Why don’t the cops track the conmen using the numbers they use to execute the con like they did with the guy who withdrew money sent to him erroneusly by mpesa?
Why do they let these people get away scot free even when one reports them.

Thanks for this alert

Wow this is actually good. What I do I don’t pay without seeing a receipt iko na tax na kila kitu inclusive hapo ndani Kama ni delivery. Otherwise I walk into the premises see my goods load them up as I pay. Again lazima nione kra etc payments…hii Nairobi sio ya mama ya mtu

:D. Do you know why? Because human interests, life lines and mannerisms are always changing. Conmen only react. [SIZE=1]Ask me how did it pale Mpesa. [/SIZE]Kenyans don’t think critically where money is involved. Again, we are tooooo greedy, a mindset that makes it a bit easy

How will you prosecute them? It will be hard to prove such cases. Such people you send good vigilantes to take care of them. That’s the only way.

:D:D:Dyou don’t buy big items online… zunguka, find the exact location nauanzie hapo

in kenya?

Tribalism si poa…lakini in that situation it saved the day.