Maybe Kenya should be banned from international distance running competitions?

Kenneth Kiprop Kipkemoi, winner of several international marathons, has been suspended after failing a doping test. This is getting out of hand. Now every Kenyan performance is suspect and disputed, and all new talents out of not just Kenya but the region(Uganda and Ethiopia too, although the latter also has an out-of-control doping problem) have to compete with that prejudice.

Just what will it take to get doping among Kenyan runners under control?

kenyans are corrupt people

Carl Lewis failed a drug test, Mohammed Farrah doped in his first marathon. It’s wide spread. The Kenyan Athletics Association does a poor job( if any) or taming it.

I was not saying that only Kenyans dope. I meant that a Kenyan runner is busted just about every other week. It’s out of control.

The Kenya anti-doping agency got a lot of pressure from WADA and on their part they have become more strict with their tests. Remember the athlete who jumped through a window when he heard anti-doping guys are in their camp

:D:D sikuskia hiyo stori


I am very sorry to hear when athletes fail a drug test. I like to look at fair competitions, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. But I know that some substances remain in the body for about 3 months, so this test may be a mistake. Strong medications can also affect the failure of a drug test. In this case, you can order [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]drug testing kits to check the test result in advance. I recently found out about this and I wonder if it works. If you know anything about this, please share your experience.