May the rain keep pouring.

“You dont expect people to die in a flood in Germany. You expect it maybe in poor countries.”


[SIZE=5]Karma always revisits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Hii imesababishwa na dhambi za Hitra.[/SIZE]

A retrogressive mind will always rejoice when things go south. Anyways, it’s good even to see the elderly out there cleaning up. I guess German aid will take a hiatus.

In defence, that comment came from a UK woman…
That accent can’t hide. Probably Irish.

Ok Karen. I guess Germany is now a poor country, by her definition.

Watched this on DW and clothe donations from fellow country men was too much that they had to stop people from donating, btw they are not starving.

It was floods (nature), besides their villages look better than your neighborhood.

As a self confessed MBA graduate, this is a new low for you. Really struggling to justify omwafrika’s shitty situation. Whataboutism haitasaidia mwafrika. You don’t benchmark by using shitty situations to shout " hey look! Wale pia wako kwa ngori hata kutuliko".

I think Kenyans should also donate clothes to Germany.

Why are they speaking in English, clearly struggling to convey their message

Don’t disrespect the furher

Injury to NATO is injury to Satan

Unlike in sh!thole countries, Insurance will pay for everything and they will re-build.

Big difference.

@Panyaste★ hope uko poa mzito…

yes, that is the narrative spread like bushfire by the njaruo something that saw gullible shinnyheads in Kenya to copypaste a foreign “odiero” kanstituShON:meffi::meffi:
So you ask an average Kenyan to articulate the true functions of a county governor…hawajui:meffi:
Anything our people cannot explain automatically becomes corrApsHoN:meffi::meffi:
Ojinga ya baafrigha :frowning:
If you tell a nyeuthi that some of the pathways in these countries are not paved, they will give you a ghost stare…
basi usiwaambie hata blackouts huwa nyeuthi hawezi kubali…they believe muthungu ni kama mungu mdogo

wangekuwa na NGUATAH FRANCIS huko hii kitu KBC yao ingekuwa ilisha predict

People don’t realize that there is a difference between floods in Germany and in Kenya. Even then, they will help each other as we continue kuomba serikali

@uwesmake ukimaliza kupatiana hio speech yako ya ujinga peleka mkundu Kamkuywa ikatombwe na babako.


Hawa hawajui kubonga swahili

The difference is, they will do something about it. Hapa kila season nothing changes. Tunaomba serikali kila siku.