May God help us..... Was this the prophesy someone had for the country???!!!

Am shocked and lost for words!!! [ATTACH=full]111090[/ATTACH]

Fake news


Mhaaaaaaaaaaaro usituletee…

Do you know that you can edit a post that’s been posted earlier or even eons? I think Facebook should borrow a leaf from K-Talk. No editing or replys after a duration of time. The only thing you can do is delete the post.

ata multibet inaangushangwa na kamoja tu, sanasana kateam ka mwisho… RWNBP!

Imagine I didn’t know this… So some fool just edited a post???

Imagine panty

Facebook posts can be back dated

Jirani bado unatufuatafata hapa?rudi kwa ile mukuru yenu sisi hatukuhitaji hapa!

Na vyenye hio kijiji yao inakaa tu fwaa, ni kama page ya kenyan post.

retard post

What do you think? Ningekuita dunderhead but I won’t.


Hii ni upuus