Maxi Priest's Ageless Classic


Even this

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This and Games People Play remind me of my High School days. They were the hit songs of the mid to late 1990s pale Music Time KBC TV, KBC Radio Yours For The Asking and on KTN.


And…there is this group Aswad. Love this song.

@Ndindu unaeza kumbuka hii

Yes. Popular hot of the 90s. Good ol’ days

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…the dancehall kings like shabba rank, yellowman

Many people don’t know that this was just a cover. The original song was sung by Cat Stevens.

Hii ndio ilikuwa mambo yote.

Wewe you must have been born between 1978 and 1981 For you to have enjoyed this in the Mid 90s

I found these way later, but they’re timeless classics. Still enjoy them to this day.