Max, K. (2016). Sadness of Marriage. @Karlmax. Accessed from on 12.07.2016


This is a comment made by @karl marx which hit me to reckoning that its the wisest thing said in this village for quite a while

We don’t marry as a group/communally, its an individual thing…let anyone (not) marry at their own peril. After all you are generalizing the whole thing from a personal single @karl marx experience.

Not unless you are planning to marry @karl marx’s former I dont see the reason why you should have surety of resemblance of the outcomes.

Some of us think it is the stupidest comment ever.

Sio kila mtu alioa malaya

Do you ever expect a woman who, before she got married, was screwing 8 different men every month, to ever be satisfied with one man ( husband)?

Show me that woman, and I will show you 10 men to match.

Ladies are exceeding in this

Most ladies married & unmarried friendzone me, and thus, we share a lot. All I can say is, whoring is at an all time high

Look at it this way. A single prostitute serves approx 100 diff clients in a month. What it means is that for every female whore, there are 100 male whores, donge?

Take this village for example. We only have one female whore(FP). How many men here have confessed to visiting prostitutes?
Hapa si umeongea mbaya @aviator

@FP hapo umeongelewa vibaya:confused::confused:

Sijaongea mbaya. i just stated the truth.

For every man who confesses visiting a prostitute, there are 20 ‘decent’ ‘christian’ girls who sleep with any loaded man.

key word “Decent”

For once @Bingwa Scrotum has the village talking. Did you miss taking the antidepressants?

Bingwa is a twisted genius and a key polarizing figure here.
NB: Thin line between genius and insanity.

Kitu kama matatus vs travelers. There will always be more travelers that matatus since a single matatu serves more than one traveler.

You get wharamsaying?

Hii mambo ya kugeneralize na kustereotype is annoying kabisaa. Marriage is a wonderful institution, try to abolish it or joke around with it then you have dysfunctional families and deviant children whom society has no room for, slowly chaos creeps in.

Remember for every phenomenon we see you never have a single causative factor, for instance terrorism is the result of underdevelopment, a deaf administration and access to weapons, marriage itself fails on the basis of a myriad of factors, such as cheating spouses, absentee spouses, irresponsible spouses, unmet expectations, I think we need to do away with this ‘men are dogs, women are whores’ line, it only sounds like gospel truth because it is repeated often enough.
Spoken like a sage.

Be advised. Shots fired