Maurongo za Jambass Peupe


Hata hizi mamirrioni wanapatiana na jagathi ni hekaya za jaba. Ati 10mirrions here, 5 mirrions there, 7 mirrions over there ni utapeli mtupu

The Treasury top up to state house budget from 9B to 15B. This is how the money is used. We are fixing the handshake regime which lost 2B per day. In WSR I trust

Do you know there is a village in Muranga called “Ha Kageege”?
Another one is named “Kīa ngage”
Now you know.

What’s even infuriating is that hiyo crowd ya kuattend izo “development meetings” ilikuwa ya kulipwa, someone from kinangop tells me. They can afford to pay people to attend meetings, but they haven’t paid even a bob to teachers they hired during January recruitment

Yet governors wanasema hawajarushiwa kakitu.