MAUANO: Man U Vs Tottenham. Lay Your Bets


Man U 2 : Tottenham 3

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Man U 3
Spurs. 2

Onana hayuko

Spurs are greatly hit.
Son missing
Yule Senegalese missing
Yule Malian missing.

On the other hand, Maguire, Shaw and Casemiro might play today after a long injury nursing time.

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2-2 though am hoping for a Spurs win. Man-u are now 9th on the log behind Chelsea

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weka slip moja moto wacha pang’ang’a na mioto @hakimoto

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Draw ya 2-2. Iko sawa.

Man U ni team gani? It’s Man Utd…

But do I say. Man-u and Chelsea can actually qualify for Europa if they stabilize and finish 5/6