Mau Mau-The Struggle For Independence --And Overarching Ramifications.

The URL provides a very good picture as far as the dynamics of the micro and macro factors at hand as pertains to colonialism and independence struggles. It is almost shocking just how accurate the Europeans were in interpreting the events that happened, but nonetheless progressed as though everything was simply business as usual. The prescience of the proverb “pretenders are worse than murderers”, could not possibly be overstated this time round.
Arguably, the human mind is nurtured to further “conformance”, in order to sustain cordiality and prosperity, but that very tendency leaves wide open gaping craters for usurpation if the wrong navigators are on the controls.
In a similar vain, the theme of causality almost feels “hard-wired” in the human psyche, for there is always a burning need to create a “cause and effect” map as people learn about theirs, and others’ societal structures.
Nowhere is the causality paradigm used and abused as in the realm of religion. “Where there is an effect there must have been a cause”. Thanks to the notion of causality, Religions emerged as people became ever more fascinated with their objects of wonderment, and explication of events and things they simply did not comprehend, so much so, that a somersault of sorts has occurred on grand scale, such that our own very existence is largely predicated to hinge upon the edicts of religion. The notion of a necessary being than which no greater can be conceived arises under this reasoning, and firmly implanted in people’s minds.
Over the course of time, scholars and other experts have molded the messages behind religion to be regarded as an “exception” to the natural curiosities of the human mind. At some point in the past, it was considered heretical, the proposition that the earth was round, and that it was not in the “center” of the “universe of things”. As a result of the preached"infallibility"of religion, dogmas and rigidity in thought are molded throughout the lifetimes of most, that whoever dares not conform is rendered an outcast. The methodology validate "religious"truths as handed down over time, is more of a rigorous process of “verification of presuppositions”, than anything else. Many laymen might be floored to realize that some concepts imbued in religion that are really symbolic and NOT literal, but are rendered as literal truths, to alleviate confusion of the masses, and that many in the masses will kill for infringements upon those instilled “teachings” if construed as anything short of literal truths! As soon as you ask the polite question of a chariot ascending towards the stratosphere, when we very know that horses don’t fly, and proceed in the same vain, that one realizes the profundity of so called truths we hold so near and dear.
The notion “Man invented God in their own image through personification”, maybe derided as delusional. But upon careful consideration devoid of artificial taboo, is the notion really delusional?

Religion is a tool for societal control, that has been perhaps abused the most by homo sapiens of European Extraction than any other groups. Billions bask in the resultant shade to this day!
“Honor your master”; “When struck on the right cheek render the left”; “Unto Caeser bestow Caesar’s”; “Suffer here that you may eternally celebrate”. What really is being preached?
When Al Shabaab carried out the cowardly and despicable 2012 Westgate Mall attack, why did we not just “give them blanket visas to strike all possible cheeks?” We smelt something wrong and there was something wrong. I would be very curious to hear exactly how the local preachers discussed this one with their congregations, especially if the teachings coincided with verses pertaining to giving the other cheek to an aggressor.;t=785

In summary, the reading is very educative and has nothing to do with mau mau except for the clip of trial at kapenguria of Mzee Kenyatta. Its more about how religion brought by westerners affects us as a society. Good read though for a boring sunday.

What triggered the Mau Mau movement? The Mau Mau is symbolic of matters closer to the cores of our existence. Once upon a time, people settled down and got time to address issues such as administration, to cater for increasing population, and along with it organizational units to administer and control the same. Outside of the family/club/tribe etc. , what glue would otherwise disparate societies need to co-exist as larger units beyond the local tribes and clans? …Somewhere as you go down the road, religion played that role, which is why way back when, politics and so called “religion” were largely different faces of the same coin. Increasing sophistication of tools and other military technologies, there were strings of conquer, rule, crumble etc. , that oscillated one or the other way until you reach closer to contemporary times, where the long standing slavery institution, was replaced by colonialism, which was in turn replaced by neocolonialism. So why did Mau Mau come into existence? What are the OVERARCHING RAMIFICATIONS?