Mature Siasa Kidogo. Jubilee Attack Dogs Keep Off................

Watu wa Cord, nyinyi ni wetu na tunawapenda.

Lakini I am starting to think many of you are starting to believe your own propaganda - that you can win the elections. Your biggest plank in this are the entries of MDVD and Rutto into your camp.

Yet, when you add what MDVD got in 2013 to what Railonzo got, you still fall far below Uhuruto. The only unknown quantity in the equation is Rutto.

What’s more, nobody seems to be factoring the fact that for Uhuruto, three and possibly four of the 2013 presidential candidates are with him. Peremende, Karua and Muite.

What’s more, Uhuruto zones registered more votes than opposition zones earlier in the year.

Throw in the power of incumbency, the opposition’s shambolic primaries, a bigger Uhuruto warchest, and the growing fallout in Wiper, your second-most important partner, and I just can’t see how you guys can win.

And don’t talk about high unga, sugar and milk prices - those affect a very small segment of the population, the borderline poor middle class. The very poor (the majority!) buy maziwa ya kupima, unga ya kusaga, and no sugar. The rest of the country is rural, where they grow their own food.

So, my good friends, in a mature simple way, using figures and data, tell me how you guys are gonna win. Try to convince me, I am open-minded.


(Jubilee people note this is not for you. As much as possible keep off, otherwise this will go toxic)


Ask @Nattydread

Kwani unatutisha sisi watu wa Jubilee?

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Not a NASA supportor. Go furk yourself. You do not ask such a question and then go ahead to remove a whole 2 thirds of the equation.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC factors dictate elections everywhere.

Go furk yourself for this… na mjinga anajiita INTELLECTUAL.


I don’t see anything you have posted worthy of my comment yet you ask that I keep away, how now?

Eti high cost of goods affects only a small segment of the population. I am guessing this is the new line ama hapo ndio ujinga yako imekufikisha.


how much for the dog…in your profile pic

Why keep off? This is a public forum and as many as of similar opinion say aye.

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I will give you the lady instead…you know what they say about a man & his dog



your lady shows too much…uyu anakaa kupanua nione adi roho…

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Usisahau vitu kama hizi ambazo tumbilee walitumia kuforce their way into government.

Tiaty Constituency

[I][I][I]REGISTERED VOTERS – (( 20, 485 ))

Raila Odinga – 1,652

UHURU KENYATTA – ((((( 51,574 )))))

Mohamed Dida – 19

Martha Karua – 120

Musalia Mudavadi – 206

Ole Kiyiapi – 27

Paul Muite – 73

Peter Kenneth – 55

Rejected Votes – 24

Total Cast – 17,950


Somethings we believe without at the moment hard facts ( IEBC official voter numbers per regions) just like religion no hard facts belief tu!!!

We also belive with no hard facts that ‘our’ Voters in Nyanza+Western+Lower Eastern = Central + Rift Valley Voters in terms of numbers.

No problem with blind faith just like most Jubilee supporters believe that their lives would be dramatically improved with another Uhuru/Ruto term.


well signature ya agets na returning officer otherwise peleka propaganda----------------------------------------------------->palee


Sasa wewe unauliza signature ya returning officer and what @Jazzman is telling you is what was announced in BOMAS, kwani common sense pia inahitaji signature?


It seems haukuwa na TV when results were being announced.

Not forgetting Kasipul Kabondo where the voter turnout was 104%. I remember Babuon on the bench with JK akiulizwa hio swali and he stammered for a whole minute before mumbling inaudible words and derailing the discussion. For Tiaty, that was an error in editing by KTN. Try harder


Intellectual poverty at work. Ni kuangalia tu na kujipa shughuli.


Hio umeandika hapo juu ni ujinga (With all due respect) and am sure deep down you know it.

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