Mature lover wanted

Hey guys,
please read the heading again.

:D:D. This stinks of @uwesmake 's handwriting. But @Thirimaii would know better about such matters.

Do you have too much on your plate? Or can you handle another rod?


[SIZE=5]@uwesmake tingiza fallopian tubes bila kusumbua.[/SIZE]

Umekosea spelling, It’s Mutura not Mature

On ktalk? :D:D:D Send us a screen shot of your inbox

[SIZE=7]Mutura lovers wanted[/SIZE]

@ladycontent I am the mature only mature lover in here,tell me some more

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

indeed i also enjoy the merry joking spirit of you fellow members. Even in events of a serious ‘cry’ like this one! People, please let us be serious

inbox please for further clarification… only if you are mature;)