Mature Candy










Can you assure us that those boobs don’t have milk powder?
You know, we need to know due to that issue of “Uganda Lato milk”. Why should we settle for milk powder when our REAL need is the REAL stuff.

clearly you sir are not a connoiseur of the heavy waists,hizi hapa ni za wazee,organic and ready to eat no plastic coverings.those titties are real.Your REAL stuff are too skinny hence the milk powder

I don’t do milk powder … but some of it is hard to differentiate while at arms length … due to the packaging.

Boss …
You badly need some Exposure and Orientation to the Joys that you are missing … :D:D








ghassia huwezi leta picha haijapigwa na pinhole camera , rexxumbwa

sewage line jo

Less Chat and More Pics …
Go get a Life …:D:D


Huku ni kuma to…