Matoke Business

Good morning Fellow vilagers.

Last time I posted that I had some 200k lying somewhere after nimefungua biz ya Spa hapa mjini na kuna kadem kamezinusa na kako na ma emergency kila saa. Wachana nako.let me go to the point.

A friend of mine alipata ka contract ka kutransport mineral water to Kisii na akaniuliza kama najua mtu anaweza taka kuletewa anything to Nairobi ndio gari isichome tu mafuta.

The idea came. Si I can commit ile 200k yangu nianzie na 30 nione kama itachomek ama ntamake.


  1. Matoke in Kisii is 250 bob mgomba moja

  2. Cost of transport ni mafuta na pesa ya dere allowance (he is not charging me any extra cost)

  3. The cost of Banana marikiti ni 700 bob (to be confirmed); still looking for a broker. Source (olx,2016).

Anyone who is in this biz ama similar saidia priss.

Regards in advance

kwanza ulinunua devils whisk?

Gio hiyo iko kuja kwa kinyozi unolewe

A lorry will carry 100 bunches (I could be wrong)
Each bunch will cost you 250, total cost is 25K.
Transport is 20K
Total cost is 45K, plus misc so 50K.

Sell 100 at 700- you get 70K.

Net profit is 20K. from one trip???

If it was that simple, there would be so many people doing it, which would in effect lower the prices at marikiti reducing the profits to realistic levels.

Fanya research vizuri.

Well, I think you should do it…a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Don’t be afraid of losing the 30k…dive in you might survive


yani tuseme unawes sema jambo la maana kuliko NIKAMUE??? maajabu haya


Perishable goods. Too many assumptions in this scenario.


For any transport and/or farm business people dnt consider the transport cost. By this i dnt mean fuel, driver, makanga, breakdown cost. There is an issue of cops, be it traffic, AP, or forest they litter the route. i churned out more than 30k on bribes in a trip, CID officers took 20k reason i was transporting g0ods at night, others 10k coz i had overloaded the vehicle and they want me to weigh it at mai mahiu, mabo bad. so no, i would have died young.

Sometimes its fear that stops us frm getting to the top unaambiwa huezi , itaanguka and all sort of things… just give it a try ikianguka jipee moyo atleast you tried and failed than to have not tried at all


utatoa mangapi ni ku connect na jamaa anaitwa Osoro?

I see your sentiments. What I am always against is getting into something blindly. If you have not done your research well, and are waiting to see how things will turn out, you are 90% sure of failing. On the other hand, if you have the research right and know the risks, tricks, etc, then you are 90% sure of success.

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Nilikuwa nicomment lakini nimeona kwanza niulize, unajua uncle nyam??

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Ako city ama wapi

Zi simjui. Mwenye najua ni shemeji yangu

ako hii Nai

Sawa ni inbox number yake akichukua mzigo na bei poa. Lazima upate maziwa daddy

How will you know the tricks if you are not “in it”

Research. We know a fire is hot even before touching it. No business would survive if it decided to know the risks after getting burned.

Si ata nyinyi mafisi hufanya fissibility study?

I was in business in that route for quite sme time until last year…be prepared for:-

  1. During purchase kwa soko esp keumbu market and others, those brokers wa kujaza gari lazima ukae chonjo… U can easily buy 100 bunches bt ukifika Marikiti
    unapata almost 10-15 missing, alafu lazima ujue ndizi poa ni gani (ile imekomaa fti) failure to which watakuekea kadhaa kwa lorry ukifika Nai zinachagulia
    na bei ya jioni (Kshs-250-350) hasara!
  2. transport si shida sana, most experinced drivers transport mizigo usiku so that by 3a,m wako line Marikiti. Weighbridge hakuna issues Mai Mahiu. For the Cops na
    kanjo leave it to the drivers, wata toa chai kwa roadblocks ka 7 @ 100-200 each, total= 700-1500 average.
  3. Marikiti. Tafuta broker anajua kazi na experience. Hapa ndo visanga round 2, they can easily blackmail you using excuses on quality, size as they waste your time and
    pressure from the dere can be frustrating as an armature. They do this so that u reduce the cost per bunch from the average price to make a kill. Make sure ur broker is good and fast at selling otherwise u will offload mzigo sell and wait for payment the whole day ukingoja waziuze.

The 20k per trip unaeza make if you come up with strategies to counter the above challenges. Contact za brockers Kisii na Nai, inbox!!
Good Luck.


Dude you are send from Heaven. Alafu watu mnasema ati maombi hayajibiwi. Thanks so much. Bado contacts hazijafika.