Alileta umagufuli kakanuka si wakenya ni noma

Dont blame the kids, wanafuata their leaders who are role models, any time they feel agrieved ---- haki yetu

Why buy tv sets for school kids and stop them watching ? The cs has failed.

Let me first see how the said schools performed in last year’s KCSE

Funny when I was in highschool not so long ago the t.v was on during breakfast,lunch and supper we were in the loop of what was happening so wasting 90mins watching a match was unheard of

Tomorrow morning we shall wake up to the sad news that two more schools have been burned

Talking for a cousin who attended Utumishi Academy, a Mr Mutemi, the principal would have withdrawn all those anasa for good, followed very quickly with ruthless sessions of very one-sided violence.

Why are schools burning ? I’ve heard of more than hundred so far.

Drastic measures need to be taken. Big symbolic and also practical measures.
Like a one week break for all schools nationwide
then on following
Monday report to school with parents and sign a new contracts accepting liability for any destruction.
CCTV cams in schools.
Armed guards.
And of course more freedom of movement and new non class activities for students during the term for boarding schools.

Hii yote kazi mingi, kiboko irudishwe, let teachers be given power to cane unruly pupils. Sanity will then prevail

Lucky were you. Sisi ilikuwa Saturdays pekee from saa kumi jioni to saa nne usiku

whatever happened in Nyeri high and st kizito in the 90’s ilikuwa time ya viboko. Reintroducing it will not yield much, I believe. Wazazi waanze kukaa chini na watoto wao.

Is it possible that cartels that make money from exam cheating could be fighting back? In the last incident the head mistress exonerated the students.

Parents involvement is key. Expecting teachers to raise your children 9 out of 12 months in a year is asking for trouble. We need to reduce the number of boarding schools.

As a formerly thoroughly kiboked person I can tell you confidently they stop working when you are 11 years old. High school students are not afraid of viboko. Its a waste of time.

Leta hekaya of the viboko you will never forget

we are raising thugs under our roofs but want nothing to do with them. “nishakulipia fees so nisikuone hapa!” ndio kazi ya parents, not knowing those kids need guidance from parents too.

Unataka kufufua PTSD ? Wacha ! I forgave and forgot.

hehehe, pole sana if you are still traumatised after all those yrs

mtoto ukiwachia walimu na maid utaona moto.