Matiang'i Vs Ruto 2022 Contest Would Give Matiang'i 95% + 1 by 10 AM

May it be so that Hon. Dr. Lecturer Fredrick Matiang’i will vie against Deputy Thief Ullian. Te whole thing would be decided before 10am in the morning granting Dr. Fred the victory anyoroshe Kenya.

We need new untainted people. Now status quo brigade will start saying that MAtiangi has a land Scandal in Ruaraka. We want Matiang’i Vs LootALL

Hapa we have the thief by the balls akijitoa tunabaki na makende. Which translates he will be dead politically.

ruto will still win. on the ground things are different man !! but then again, the man with the iebc server pwd is the one who always wins

Hii ni ghasia hajui how our politics is…Matiangi is a nobody politically

:D:D:D:D:D hii n kali

don’t dismiss it like that, in politics anything is possible, in 2005, I had a similar argument, with one fellow who dismissed ruto as a nobody, less than 2 years he was the pillar of the then Pentagon, even in 2002 ,uhuru was a non starter,

Matiangi has never dreamt of being President.

Don’t make that ungodly bloody mungiki community curse you the person they know is the tea packer period.