Matiangi to run for President-Uhuru has endorsed him


Will he go against man rao?
Konyagi anabeba Kenyans waana

The more the merrier they say. He did a good job in cleaning the education department but since he is now in Uhuru’s kitchen cabinet mhhhhhhhh, most of us can only say that Uhuru should speak for himself when he ‘endorses’ candidates. Oh and his mum.
I repeat again Jakuon should watch Uhuru vvv carefully.



it is his democratic right

why should jakom watch Uhuru…do they have some MOU that we don’t know about. Those two are playing politics…both are looking at retaining/ capturing power…it’s a high stakes game…I can assure you non of them is naive enough to trust the other…only person who blundered was Ruto…he was too trusting…should have learnt from his time as Rao’s deputy in 2002…so don’t ever believe that Uhuru and Rao have some MOU…and if it exists they both expect it not to be honoured.

I wish Matiang’i would be president. Then akiingia ageuke akina Uhuru na wezi wenzao

matiangi is too strong kupatiwa urais, he is just being given promises so as to be used to clamp down on ruto by force. uhur wants to hand over to someone he can control kama gideon ama mudavadi, raila is not in his sucession plan

they are in disagreement over executive pm, uhunye wants to give tinga ceremonial presidency

Then I really wonder why Jakuon loses all the time. Does he not know how to play these games? even now Uhuru still has the upper hand…he has them all eating from his palm.
Any we know hataki kutoka and wants to have a big say in the new gava to protect the Kenyatta stolen loot. Hakuna kitu ingine. But again you can never tell in this country.

Matiangs taking his first steps to being a tribal kingpin. Gather his people around him and shepherd them to handcheck candidate 2022 in the hope atarudishiwa mkono later on.
Similar move ole dama kina was trying to do with the maasai a while ago on the mashamba issue.
All politicians .ke jua they cant aspire for jack bila being a tribal king pin.
Juu bila a coalition of tribes no statehouse…coz kila mtu atakuuliza what numbers or constituency do you bring to the table.
Jakuon hana balls za kuride the wave…2007 ange stare Kibaki in the eye na a declare wacha katambe…angefanya same thing in 2017 na swearing.
Ama mnafikiria dynasties hutolewa aje?
The fact that Raila didnt stand up to both Kibaki na Uhuru just shows he wasnt genuine and/or planned for any eventuality.
I hope Raila achezwe tena.

mimi nilishaamini Raila alichezwa.the sad part is i believe akiitisha maandamano he might be alone,maybe with few die hards but majority of former supporters watasema kila mtu apambane na hali yake.

Going forward,tribes,regions and their kingpins should have a marshal plan at hand,immediately they support someone,the plan is bankrolled with billions in the very first budget reading…hapo watu wakichezwa they will know they invested 500b in their regions/tribe and their people are better than before…if it goes on in acycle,say three succesfull backing of different candidates winning,imagine an area like northeastern will have benefited with over ksh 1.5 trillion

Noble idea. But we are assuming the mullas wont be pocketed.
Rao might still have a following but i dont think its as strong as 2007s…especially from these other tribes…and pia Luos im sure they were perplexed na about turn ya handshake and the dumping of miguna miguna.
Sioni luos wakijitolea to the last man for Rao…judging by the last by elections.

Hatuja sahau pesa ya ruaraka land scandal.

All the best to him

He will never do that he is one of them.

He is not strong he is very weak he has never gone against his master

He does not need to be in government to protect their stolen loot. he wants to be in government to increase the loot

As we have harped hapa since dogi ivae longii, Matiang’i /Aukot/Kibwana tiget!