Matiangi has spoken: Bingwa Makende and his relatives should return to their shithole immediately


We’ve been here before. The UN will increase funding and those statements will fade from memory.

hizi ni gani

Good move by the government, chase away those scums warudi kwao.

Rudi Kismayu Abdi .Your skills and muguka eating habits will be more appreciated in Afmadow than in Kenya

Ukikosa funding you just result into final closure

mchoosite u is dead meat

I am worth more than just that here

Hii ni besha inatafutwo

Ambieni Farmajo awache umama.

Tumelea hio ghasia saa hii ameanza kutukojolea.

Kidogo utaskia ameenda na Covid…
1+1 = 6

Pia yeye arudi Congo where originally all kisii came from

Aki if you read comments kwa hio page ya Citizen TV you will know we are harboring dogs in Kenya.

They are vehemently defending Somalia yet they are cooling their balls enjoying peace in Eastleigh and South C.

If it is upon me ile persecution wangepatana nayo ingekuwa moja kali. Forced disappearance, detention and high profile assassinations.

This fuckers despise us yet we have offered them a safe haven to thrive… That comment section speaks volume soon enough shit will hit the fan and it won’t be pretty.

Bantu Somalis bore the brunt of the fall of the Barre regime in 1991. They principally were the ones for whom Dadaab was setu up because of Samaale genocidal tendencies towards them. the international community being clueless, they pumped anyone in sandals and loose clothing into the refugee camps, even kenyans from NEP simply walked in there and sat down to wait for relocation to canada. Govt tolerated the fackery because the camp helped bring in foreign exchange that was very scarce in those days. The most needy refugees have long gone and this time the government must keep its word and shut down this inglorious muguka den.

And could a responsible someone kindly do a DNA test on Dr Fred, I suspect he habours too much Kakwa blood

5years ago PHD alijaribu but nikama …

Si kenya itabaki tupu aiseh? Amesema border ifungwe hataki bladi fogothari ipite ovyo ovyo so ka wewe ni fogothari na hauna birth certificate ,ID ama basiborto ya kenya utapandishwa Mercedes Benz L322 ukirudishwa kwa Farmer Joe