matiang'i hachezangi


@Nefertities tunahitaji translation

:D:D:D:D:D… this is what kevin hart describes as you ate ass moment.

Yaani the nigga was openly lying in church? These fuckers have no souls.

:D:D The Jubilee marriage is dead, I don’t know why the Ruto arm is still pretending.

Matiangi is an honest man .very honest . We need such leaders .

Wasi… :p:p:p

Matiang’i is lying.

:D:D:D sani mnachapwa TKO from every corner and angle.

Ndiyo Mama Abby. You and Ruto the thief are the only ones not lying.

we don’t pretend like Matiang’i. ile tumeiba inajulikana, na hatujakataa. nyinyi ni wezi lakini mmejificha kwa kanisa ya sda.

Tanga tanga demagoguery is very dangerous to this country…very shameless

See teeth :D:D

inakaa things are very uneasy in govt matiangi and kibicho outbursts within a week

Shameless aje na ni ukweli? Huoni matiangi is lying openly? si ata juzi Ruto alisave Waiguru?
Matiangi had to switch language after getting caught lying

hii nyumba ya jubilee hatakama tunatoka laziwa tubebe vitu zetu kama tulilete mabati tunangoa,dirisha tunangoa,mlango tunangoa

This is embarrassing, plus the audience is laughing in Kisii.

Looks like the students have learned well from there masters… Lies are truly infectious

:D:D:D:Dlaughing in kisii made things worse?

They have more to lose.