Matiangi bodyguard shoots self, wife and child

Let’s not worship relationships to this extent. Only some one who worships a relationship can be so merciless as to murder an innocent child. I know that there is suffering in broken marriage but it won’t last forever. Vumilia the pain and one day it will be just a bad memory.


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[SIZE=7]Of Interior Ministry’s Bodyguard Who Shot His Wife And Himself[/SIZE]

By Laurascarlet | Opera News Kenya
Published 21 minutes ago
It is so unfortunate that some of the police officers have turned to the worst ways to resolve their issues. For a while now, we have been having news of them shooting themselves and even at times their partners. Last night, the bodyguard of fred Matiangi, killed his wife by shooting her and later shot himself. The two were blessed with children and what led to this is not well known.
This was posted by the Kenya police and on the post they wrote, “Sad. Hudson Wasike and Pauline during happy days.
Hudson murdered the wife and kid on 06/04/2021 and then shot himself.
Both of them are police officers.
May their souls rest in peace”

io inaeleweka huyu ni wa matiangi, angekuwa bodyguard wa Arror… “no stone will be left unturned until we get to the bottom of the…” DCI Kinoti

Hii shit tuliona kama YU bado wana operate Kenya. Angalianga thread zingine.