Mathiangi is back in the country

In Medieval times… Emperors would parade their hunt… Before finishing them completely…

“I was just a servant in Uhuru Kenyatta’s government. I was following his orders and being a faithful servant should not make the current regime hunt me up and down. I am just a human being and man is to err. If I wronged Ruto and Gachagua, I beg for forgiveness. I was a mere messenger.” ~Fred Matiang’i, Former CS Interior and Coordination.


Survival… Buana… Live to fight another Day…

Better an ALIVE COWARD… than a DEAD HERO…


Hapa lakini lazima awe na some leverage ama he is kwinished.

A civil servant should not be persecuted for serving the govt of the day. Even those serving the present regime should not be persecuted in the future when the regime changes.

so as not to be persecuted for serving the government of the day, a civil servant should be well advised to curb the swelling in his head every time he suspects buoyancy therein. he should stay away from politics and penis measuring contests.