Match Fixing Scam Revealed

Russian, Ugandan and Kenya accomplices arrested .

Could 1XBet be involved?

Details Monsieur Bonobo, details!

Is big business in Italy and south America

I can’t blame them. No sponsor for the league to supplement the budget for clubs. Betting firms still list local games with high odds. Mbona musicheze kiwewe kama odds zenu ni kama 30. Ukiwelea 100000. Uko na 3M

I smell a rat especially the part the chairman a former convicted match fixer is the one who set up the bust…these guys all they want is to clear the KPL league image kwa FIFA hakuna bust hapo the Russian utapata ni Mohammed kutoka pale Pangani

Na bado watu wanawekelea rent kwa bet… Heri ni kunywe pesa yangu…

no way. it is a world known bookie. they would not risk their reputation