Matatu thug industry kill a kenyan

Mr. Kiarie was allegedly beaten to death after a minor accident where the matatu hit his car on the front.

According to eye witnesses, after Kiarie’s car was hit by the matatu, he came out of the car and as he spoke with the driver of the PSV, a misunderstanding ensued and touts hit him on the back of his head with a metal rod. Kiarie, who was driving to a car wash, collapsed and died as the suspected criminals fled the scene.

It is not clear how many culprits were involved in the brutal attack.

We have not been told of how he ‘spoke’ to the crew.
Some pple think they own the road.ati juz cz they’d driving a big car!
N we always HV bile against mat crews. I dunno but it might HV been anyone’s fault.

Remember Arthur Obel?

Huezi zushia mat crew ofyo ofyo, unless you HV a gun or you brandish a njora na upige MTU ya upande,Meru style. Na anyone who gets closer unamkataka…ta

If only you had the patience of reading the last five threads.

So ukiongelesha mtu vibaya unapigwo RKO unamanyuria tuuu.

The guy is really trying to justify the death.

They will surely come…

Hata me nashangaa na hiyo logic


Read @SnazzyKenyan comments on this thread

yooo aint no shit that can justify anyone turn off the lights on anyones life

boss hauko serious…so unaeza ua msee coz amekuongelesha vibaya?

Jamaa I don’t think umeooa. The day you will, then utazoea kuongeleshwa mbaya and going by your logic , uta justify killing many of your wives juu walikuongelesha vibaya.

Mugabe once said " If you are used to killing mosquitoes on the walls by slapping them,wait until the said mosquito lands on your scrotum is when you realize there are better ways of killing it than slaps".

I will miss Mugabe hahaha zingine najua sii zake but they’re usually very funny

And other threads too. That talker logic yake iko twisted.


kama hujawai tumia kamiti rd btwn 5 and 8pm then hujui nini unasema. those thugs cause so many accidents…kwanza wale wa zuri and marimba sacco…alafu they have recruited very mean looking thugs who man bustops along the route…mimi they scratched me pale coop nikiingia mirema drive…nilitusiwa mbaya sana and within a min about 10 of them had already surrounded me. I didn’t utter a single word, I just drove off…but ule jama alinitusi sijawai msahau…was pure provocation. Hao hukugonga alafu unaambiwa uende kasarani police station kama una shida…I have read many witness accounts and its clear this young man didnt provoke them…remember last yr another group killed another maseno alumni pale mombasa rd…last week mungine alirushwa from a moving bus thika rd after asking for his change.

sasa makanga

Tafadhali talkers lets sign this petition .Justice for Kiarie and other silent victims.