Matatu Ban Unpopular Opinion

I firmly and honestly believe this is the way to go! Wakenya mnashinda mkiuliza tutafikia majuu lini yet mnaleta negroid behaviours into the process kama kuweka minibus displaying ponographic videos int the heart of CBD. Just ask yourselves if that was happening in Manhattan, outcome zingekuwa gani? Hii kutembea tunatembea ni poa kwa sababu we will Identify short comings za kuleta watu town kama lack of pedestrian walk ways, cycle lanes, trams, subways etc etc then attempt to solve them. If we continue having matatus in town, na upus kama tuk tuk na nduthi, then we can never really see the need of improving things. These are growing pains, tupige moyo konde na tuendelee kukanyanga nchi ghaseer taka taka hizi!

My father grew up and lived in this city, he left at the onset of the nineties and nowadays unless it’s absolutely necessary he really detests coming to the city.
He looks at it and can’t believe it’s still the same city he used to work and live in while bringing us up. He was used to a clean orderly city with commuter buses running in all directions on time.
Who cursed the African?

For the first time i was relaxed nikiwa cbd i this is the way to go ata hizo cjui hizo bus watu wanasema za kuvukisha watu kutoka ngara hadi cjui railways zikae watu waache uvivu watembee ama work hard and join my fellow billionaires ala iko nene

Wewe ni @Matako ya Punda tuuu… Where are those infrastructures that you claim in your thread? If it was Manhattan, would they first build the infrastructure, then ban vehicles into some areas or you see them doing it like your bosses?
Kwani matatus were against pedestrian walkways, or Trams, or any other?
In so many cities around the world, when vehicles get the ban, already a system exists to ease the movement of the people, Start with the infrastructure, then ban.
BRT iko wapi?

kata chieth,ni kutembea utatembea nanii

Kutembea yangu haikusaidii, hainisaidii. If no infrastructure is being considered, then your priorities are misplaced. Outskirts za Nairobi bado ni jam tupu. Kuingia na kutoka…

This’s one big decision by Sonko. He knows it’s very unpopular, he knows it’s his voting base(watu wa low income settlements) are the hardest hit, but still soldiered on for the sake of one of the best destinations in Africa. It’s darkest before dawn. Kudos.

unataka kuwa rude kiplani?

Hapana 130litres of thufu oil :smiley:

1.Pavement zote town zimekuliwa na PSVs hakuna pahali pakutembea kabisa.
2.Shops zilikuwa zimefunikwo na matatu zikipiga makelele
3.Nairobi CBD is so small that it takes barely 20 minutes to walk from end to end.
4.Matatus have not been banned from Kenya. Zimefukuzwo CBD pekee yake. Ask yourself why they want to be in the CBD that badly when they can have quicker turn arounds from the termini on the outskirts.

The Mind of the nigger cannot comprehend such! The negroid has to be dragged into the modern world. Thika road ilijengwo juu ya congestion ya the old two lane bastard and not because city planners (despite allocating the land for it kitambo sana) deemed it necessary. Sasa juu visigino zimeguza lami kidogo leo, expect to see things being fast tracked.

EDIT: Ona vile kunakaa msuri jameni![ATTACH=full]212814[/ATTACH]

Sonko has zero problem solving skills. He’s one of those people who put more effort in being seen working than actually putting in the work.
In his pea brain he’s thinking it won’t hurt if Nairobians walk for a few weeks.
Pumbavu doesn’t consider the sick elderly old, the poor and basically anyone else who’s life is rudely interrupted, not inconvenienced by this bullshit.
Uhuru is another idiot for entertaining sonkos fumbles. But the biggest moron is whomever cast a ballot for this mediocre leader.

I can bet you money sonko did not come up with this. Kuna watu wa Transport Kamitii na pia wao wameona this is problematic. Same thing with when Kidero blocked some right turns on certain round abouts, those right turns were bottle necks to movement of vehicles. Those PSVs didn’t really care for those groups you mentioned above, they were dropping the elderly in the middle of the road and lets not even talk about what they did to person with disabilities. If you are sick na umetoka thika road, you’d still have to find a way to get from your terminus to either GPO or KENCOM, where is the difference between now and then? All those streets south of Moi Avenue zimekandamizwa in terms of development cause of those PSVs. SHOULD we stick to this, expect to see changes in the flow of persons and vehicles in Nairobi. More zebra crossings to be put in place, traffic lights to be obeyed, less noise and pollution, better maintenance of infrastructure such as barriers, pavements and zile flower pots za green watu walikuwa wanakalianga kitambo wakishuta pole pole. I didn’t vote for sonko! I abhor the man till today. But this is a step in the right direction.

How’s the little angel omwami?

This is the way to go. Slowly but surely, peasants will be edged out of the city and that’s good. Hawa watu hawataki ukulima, kazi ni kusukumana kwa slums. In the words of Panyaste, “watu warudi ocha!”

When Manhattan became too wealthy, the upper middle class could no longer afford living there so they moved to the lowly Bronx area and gentrified it, basically cleaned it up. The poor, mostly blacks who stayed there suddenly couldn’t keep up with increasing property taxes. They had no choice but to sell their houses and go further away from the city. I think Sonko’s plan is to gentrify Nairobi.

Gice it time its already a day na ushaanza kupayuka …am sure by kitu next the same matatu guys will have figured things out place and irganized themselves accordingly leo na kesho na the better part of this week itakuwa tu chaos around hizo drop zones but they say necessity is mother of invention so tulia

nime stroll mpaka nikatiii


Nimekaa university way 4hrs…nimefika kwa nyumba sai

It will get better with time, pole.

Nimeskia response moja ya gafana akidai ati hata ni poa ku walk coz watu wengi hawaendangi gym tf??