Matatu and boda boda driven on the wrong side of the road

This is now nomalised. As even motor bikes drive on the wrong side on blind corners and highways. Too much impunity.

It’s criminal, dangerous and nonsense behaviour. I’d throw all of them behind bars and throw the keys into the sea if I had a way.

They’re making the situation hard for themselves. Just give it a few more weeks.

They know very well the government cannot invest on public transport

Give it a few more weeks.

You’ll be seeing protests

It’s really a shame that we are so technologically advanced, esp. in IT, so 21st Century–the CBD is like any other sane city on earth in terms of architecture and what you see in the shops, hotels, clubs, restaurants and fast food places, how people dress and talk, driving high-end cars, etc.–yet we act so uncouth. The matatu and bodaboda culture is something completely alien to a civilized society. There is simply no place for it, period. We’ve systematically ignored the basics of human development, creating chaos in the process. The more we develop, the worse we seem to become as human beings.

I will give it years and there is nothing that will be done. We need public buses to replace matatus the government is not showing any commitment to invest in the buses. the only thing it is willing to do to is to buy a few buses which will not really be helpful because one Nairobi route has like 60 matatus

All the architecture and technology are for the rich. they can not invest in poor people stuff like public transport education healthcare.

This means some people are benefiting from the chaos. That’s why there is impunity, and a reluctance to end the madness in the transport sector with real action, once and for all. I would urge Gen. Badi to straighten things out without listening to detractors who want to engage him in useless back and forth, so that he loses focus. I hope the high office in the land ernestly supports this guy. What people want is a system that really works. Every time someone touches matatus and bodabodas, there’s always a lot of hullabalooo about sijui, tunaumia, sijui haki yetu, mara tutastrike, and similar antics. I say strike all you want, but stay where it’s stipulated, and operate like sane people, not lunatics.

You are not understanding. the chaos is caused by the government not investing. The matatu sector controls public transport the entire nation relies on their services. They know they have power and use it to their advantage. They also know the government will not invest and eliminate them from their role. And all government proposals on matatus are generally useless because the government does not intend to invest in public transport

It’s a great tragedy that people would consciously choose to live that way