Matara stole phones in kahawa west and robbed online sellers

Mimi hadi ni me block my summer bunny. Anything online nime sare. Let me be analog. This guy had a gang robbing people in mats of their phones and people selling items online. He would rob them of what they were selling and extort money from them. All the incidents were reported to the police.

Kenyans when it comes to security mujue tuu you are on your own. Anytime you are meeting a buyer jua tuu you will be risking. Afadhali use me you meet in a police station.

Please Kenyans Maisha ya Nairobi ikikushinda, please please Rudi ocha. You don’t have to become a thug in the name of hustling to finance your stay in Nairobi

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cc @johntez_addi_gaza_ms Huku ndio Unaelekea…


@johntez_addi_gaza_ms husanya vipusa na kuvifungua boot


@administrator @Electronics4u @mundu_mulosi fungueni section ya mataara. Hawezi kuwa matara this matara that in all thread.


Nimeona pia that he was a pedi hapo Kenyatta Market. Selling rolls of bhangi and other hard drugs like Mandrax. Yaani the guy has basically tried all types of illegal hustles available.

Nimeangalia sticky notes on his wall ati deworming after 5 weeks. Jamaa ako bhangi and harsh alcoholic drinks but he’s afraid of HIV and deworms regularly? Huyu alikua amechanganikiwa.


The NTV video said he also strangled a woman to death huko mirema and the case is still pending kasarani polis.

Kasarani police station reports ni suicide. You kill then you throw the person from high floors and say it’s suicide.

Yes. He was using charms, he went to Nakuru to buy a camera advertised on Jiji. She doesn’t know how she got to a room at Pekars Lodge Nakuru. He was with another guy tied and assaulted her sexually holding her hostage with knives. He then took the camera and texted her family and friends to send money, cleared her accounts, took her phone, camera and ID and 40k from loan apps, mpesa and her bank account.

kwani umenoki matara? kila siku matara matara matara. ama unataka akutombe pia wewe?


All the details about the killer matara should be exposed so that the public is informed so that no one falls for the tactics used by matara and fellow criminals.


Ule jamaa alidungwa visu 25 na mali chafu alikuwa anaitwa nani tena?

does anyone in kenya even follow rules about safety? after 2 weeks when the story has died down kenyans will resort back to default settings and throw caution to the wind.


Criminal Justice is messed up in Kenya …
My personal belief is that both State Capital Punishment and Extra-Judicial Killing are GENERALLY cruel and unacceptable …


  • Terrorists.
  • Cultists and pleasure killers.
  • Violent Armed Robbers who kill.
  • Individuals who kill minors and the vulnerable.

Any other Crime that results in a Homicide should attract stiff Mandatory punishment that includes Hard Labour.

Justice should be done within 48 hours of being apprehended.
All their Assets should be given to the Victims Families.
The victim’s family will decide the mode of Execution.

HOW they do it in Yemen … :roll_eyes: