Matara had rent arrears and only left the house at night

You are on your hustle ukitafuta rent unakutana na Matara usiku pia yeye ako hustle ya ku tafuta rent. Nairobi shamba la mawe. Mahustlers wamekutana. Both looking for rent money. Itabidi kila mtu akae kwao coz 11 more are at large not to talk of copy cats who might be inspired by this. Warembo online dating is a no go zone. Men are there looking for rent money just like you.

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A hustler hustling the hustlers. And point of correction, kahawa west is in nairobi county not kiambu.

Hizi vitu mnajuanga aje. The boundary between Nairobi and Kiambu is very nuanced.

Iko Kiambu county kaka…

Ukilipia parking kahawa west inaenda kiambu county.

It’s time Kenyans acknowledged you can prosper outside Nairobi and it’s environs ,and still be considered ‘woke’,‘modern’ etc.

The government should also invest outside that area properly.Atleast people behave when they know the community knows and cares.

Then ladies,mkiona jamaa anapiga hustle yake even if basic but you can see how he makes his little cents genuinely,that is the guy you should consider dating .Sio watu wanakuambia hustle hazieleweki na lifestyle anaishi.

Ni hayo tu.


Matara was an online entepreneur… Haha

KU, Kahawa west, Kamiti Prison, kahawa barracks, Farmers choice, are all in Nairobi county, Roysambu constituency. Kahawa West ward is in Nairobi County, Roysambu constituency. Kiambu starts at Membley, the river between KU and membley estate is the boundary. However on the other side of thika road, the boundary is the river between githurai 45 and Kahawa wendani and so kahawa wendani, kahawa sukari, Northlands are in Ruiru Kiambu county, but githurai is in nairobi county.



MCA wa kahawa west sits in Nairobi County Assembly

Ati the guy told the caretaker to take 10k, he’ll be back with 2k. That was how he went to meet Scarlett knowing that he was about to get 500k atoke kwa mashida. After spending what he had on dinner and drinks and then she was not forthcoming with the money, he went ballistic. Stabbing her on the head, neck and face. It was bound to happen bcz he was used to alot of violence on women. Btw broke men hate women so much and especially women who look well to do. I’m sure he knew her from Instagram and saw all her holidays in Dubai and stacks of money. 500k looked like it was pocket charge to her. From the body language she was not into him, she could also see from the cheap liquor he was buying he didn’t even have money. Why she agreed to go to the room with him, no one knows maybe he used juju. Most people who are cons in Nairobi use juju.

Save your breathe you cannot advice women on matters money and honest living. Dating a bloke making an honest living is boring to them. Let the Matara news settle and they go back to such thrill seekers