Matapiko Ya Utajiri: Kenyatta family project floods Peasants' homes in Ruiru.

Developers of an upcoming city, owned by the Kenyatta family in Ruiru, are on the spot after their dam caused rain water to flood homes in surrounding areas in the small hours of Thursday.
Northlands City, a mega urban development comprising of residential, industrial and commercial units, is being set up using water from Uhuru Dam, which is also called Sukari Dam.
There has been a simmering conflict between residents and owners of the project, conceived in 2016 and planned by Triad Architects, since 2015. Water was diverted from its natural course and is now channeled on to poor peasants residences. Environmental Impact Assessment was never carried out.


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Parasitic capitalists. They only mind their profit. You will provide cheap labour

That’s a lot of water, are there anymore sources where one can find this story ?

The picture is of nowhere near Northlands. Githeri media.

Hiyo ni ploti tu with a few houses/doors, how do you know they are not the ones affected?

527 crew muko aje?

…and dams are overflowing everywhere

:D:D Hauko serious. Nitumie accapella. Inachezea BPM ngapi?

This is character assassination , accusations bila effidence ,literature review

am surprised we still have people defending the kenyattas…the last seven years were supposed to expose what history has always hidden from us…everything is now coming out to light…no more tribal based politics, I hope

Asking for facts is not defending the Kenyatta’s

what facts…the place is flooded. I saw it in nation newspaper and standards…Or you want to see bodies to believe

So are the most parts of the country, is that part of Ruiru prone to floods ?



Thurakuism needs to be declared as a severe mental affliction

Kenyatta family project floods homes in Ruiru | Nation

Seems you are neither too clever nor too foolish. I spoke about the picture but did not discount the story. Ama English is not your forte?

Huyo wa black gate amekumbushwa bado hajafika kuna waliofika. Sad