Matako mlima Harakwa. Wangapi?

Keekrok kuna that tall bbw nlifyeka, though chini because she was too heavy alivunja bed

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Mbona ni kama namjua…ulifyeka juzi juzi ama kitambo kiasi?

weka yako we compare. Nigerians ndio wamebeba Kenyans ni mdomo tuu

We mnyanyez nimejua kwako tarimbo inatumbukia chubwi

I’ve not even watched the video. Staki kushindwa kukula dinner. It’s your fellow men telling you that your penis is small. Umeleta video ya kujidai, now you want people not to discuss your penis. Evidence has cost implications. Mbona uko na dick ndogo na dawa ziko za wanaija za ku enlarge? Don’t suffer in silence. Kunywa Enzoy plus penis enlarger, no shame in upping your game. Mimi I have officially retired from this manenos si unajua my junguus sio wengi huku though I might relocate some time soon Sakayo aki endelea vile anaendelea. I’m just tired of this country.

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Seeing that you wont watch the video if I didn’t know what you looked like ningekupea one hour contract ukuje ufind out but siezi kula mnyanyez butt crack inaanza kwa mgongo. Naskia we hutuck in hiyo kitambi kwa mother’s union na mwiko

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Songesheni mileage 0799 382460. Ako kabete

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Room is untidy probably she smells

Before I block you, let me inform you that a stomach can be reduced but a tiny penis can never get bigger . You don’t know it but if a woman hasn’t given birth her tummy has no stretch marks. It looks and feels better than that of a slim woman who has given birth. Anyway, Next time you do a sex tape bcz you are so pathetic, you even need to have evidence to prove to Internet strangers that you paid a prostitute to have sex with you, make sure you hide your small penis. Now everyone has seen how small your dick is. Don’t be mad at me. Sasa utaita nani mnyanyes nikikublock? Nyway Bye.

Last year apo Nov

Ngapi damages

Physically, no difference between mbaruhyia, congolese and Nigerian. Niliwadinyia wasichana majuu nikachoka. But Swali ni, does a man really need a donkey deek to get satisfied? Absolutely not. He will still cum regardless. The only people who are obsessed with donkey deeks ni mitaro…women who have been made boreholes…the rest are ok with their men.


But can’t you see that the people making fun of the posters dick are men? All men want to have big dicks. And those who do have more confidence bcz they believe women will love them more. Btw how does someone bcm mtaro si I thought even after giving birth the pussy returns to it’s former size ama?

Ako sawa. Damages?

  1. Ni mali fresh

Niaje @mikel

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Not all men. I was so proud of mine as a teenager but as i grew older i realised an inch or two less would have actually been much better for my women .
My taita baby mama couldnt handle it…but she was barely out of her teens back then and a certified buibui clad muslim virgin so maybe she was inexperienced…she now has a very rough looking mbaruhyia for a husband…so are her two sisters …must have left quite an impression. My wife takes a few days break after every action…she’s a funny one that one though. She already knows the outcome yet she always wants us to go rough as she approaches climax. Women!
On the question of pvssy size hio ni puzzle kwangu…as does most mbaruhyias. Have you ever noticed most mbaruhyias have no problem marrying someone’s baby momma. One of the reason is ofcourse stupidity and simping of the highest order…but importantly, to them, most of the baby mamas are as good as new…i assume wepukhulu drills depths that previous users had not reached…so to wepukhulu hawa wanawake wote ni kama virgins bado despite their spaceship type mileage.
Having said that i still hold that obsessing over a bigger member is very low IQ for a man. I could be wrong but my assumption is that any man would still derive maximum pleasure from any inches he packs…whether it digs deeper or not into a pvssy is solely a woman’s problem, not a man’s.