I have a question, I need an answer.
Does a surrogate mother have any legal claim to the child she birthes?

They’re signed off before surrogacy starts. The baby is not counted as hers.


Who birthes your rusungu?





Usiogope…wewe beba mimba na upatiane mtoto bila kusumbua!

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that is like asking if the equipment in a factory has any claim to the products the factory produces jinga VE.

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admin peleka umeffi mbali osungu ntaitumia vile mdomo imeskia

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kwani wewe ndiye uliosha vyombo za Christmas?

you can’t equate a person to an equipment you dimwit. That is like saying a pregnant woman is like a vending machine so she has no rights over her child. Boy!! you must be the biggest fool I’ve met today…akili si kofia nugul.

She IS birthing equipment. But I don’t expect you to grasp that.

:eek::eek:Kupatiana tena? Wapi?

swallow your pride your not as smart as you credit yourself for. At least you got friends in your circle who marvel at your intelligence but your snobbish character doesn’t intimidate me to bow to your ‘all knowing self’.your already a dimwit before my eyes I won’t value you any more than I do.

Garamia mzigo wako , this are your ktalk credit kids,tulikuambia unaleta shida ukakataa.

seems you didn’t get the memo. I dont give a rats ass what ANYONE thinks leave alone a genius who needs to be told what surrogacy is about.

I got no shame in asking what I don’t know. Don’t be cocky just because you know something,I also know a mammoth of things you don’t know and if you asked I wouldn’t come out to taunt you.