MaSwali wadau

  1. Kama uko na view sasa app kwa phone yako, wewe ni mjanjee ama wee ni fala?
  2. Hii ktalk upgrade iko vipi? Inachangamsha?
  3. Do you think Ruto is considering giving presidential chance to baba?
  4. If the clouds carry this much rain, why do they float in the sky?
  5. Why is money never enough?
  6. Is @uwesmake a robot?

tafuna mogooka pole pole

Why does our admin have to be retarded? What a curse.

Is manchester united really a club or a conglomerate?
If your buddy was walking away from you, and he fails to hear your call, would you tell Muite akuitie yeye?


My response to question number 2 is NOO and you know that, so why ask?. We have seen mighty big forums crash just like that. Your customers have told you so many times to take them back to the old KTalk. You have chosen to ignore instead of listening and acting. Anaaaywhooo am out.

Why do they want the return of the old Ktalk?

Are they missing the x-rated images and links?