the only 130kgs pure muscles in ktalk -Herod Iv preparing to do squats
Herod Iv has not done squats for months. Let me tell you a secret if you have if you have weak legs, mastingo kama jumping monkey hautawezana


Mujamaa its clear you are drank… Kwa ivo ni Konyagi inakuonyesha hii mambo yote

I wasnt sure if it should be drunk or drank… Imenikula akili nikaiweka tu ivo… But I aint drunk like you

Kiongos unajichocha sana na hio light weight. Mbwa koko imeenda wapi?

inafanya mazoezi

this vivaldi connoisseur, a self declared patrician, can only afford buckets of soil for a gym.
the bullcrap we have to endure here is amazing.

Hata snoop ako na weights za cement kwa backyard nyamazisha bakuli

you sound bitter
Are you ok

where have you been touched cheap hoe guy? you seem to have been upset by the shebeen queens you fuck today.

just wondering.

Another fruity post

Its ok, I understand. I would wonder & react the same way If I was not the 130kgs of pure muscles- Herod Iv. I would be awed!

Amazing what buckets of soil can do…


It’s more of where have I not been touched you cross bred nincompoop.
My shebeen queen didn’t lick my frenulum

Gaaaay thread

you wish I was gey

Tafuta doggie ya maana

…tell them you don’t need to lift heavy weights to build muscles…


Ufupi ndio unafanya uinue chuma?.. Ktalk has many below average height Mbilikimos, no wonder so much bitterness transcends here!!!