MASTERS (Strictly for the Mature)

Tembea UON ama Strathmore Uni.

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Maswip tu hapa!

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fanya poltical science…you guarantee yourself job after every 4 years

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Si atakua na umama

Ama tuseme Mama Kamau University

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Gerrarahia man. That is a paper minting institution

Kama uko Nairobi city around evening hours apply UoN. Very flexible in terms of choosing the course units you want to study per semester. A unit goes for 13K. Go for MBA the specialise in either finance accounting HR marketing strategic management etc.

Kuna ingine niliona bus imeandikwa kitu kama south eastern semi arid university, someone clarify

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what do ya’ll have against Mount Kenya University? its a good institution. thousands of graduates every year; Bacherlors, Masters and even Doctorate. Am familiar with alot of graduates who are currently doing amazing.

A colleague of mine persued a Masters program there. So he would come to the office with samples of thesis from there. Boss, hazitoshi mboga ata ya Bachelor’s term papers pale UON ama KU. Mku is a commercial college read ‘biashara’ ! In the new future those papers zitakuwa kama za Nigeria ama India.

He asked for the mature and he seems to have got them.



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I am amazed that MKU, which is an amazing university, churns out amazing graduates doing amazing

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Just go to Strathmore business school…it’s the best

only in ktalk! surely @1000 OTHERS was that even a suggestion? Hehe

that statement speaks volumes!


MKU = mama kamau university.

(runs and hides)