When I first came on here, I quickly earned the title fastest made VE

And as I rubbed that title into non-existent minds that villagers are, I was oftenly told to go get a life

But alas!

@FieldMarshal CouchP took cue of the title thingy n labeled himself ‘Most Intelligent Talker’
And a mutiny somewhat broke out over, wait for it,
@uwesmake the village HIV disperser/dispenser, made it to village sponsor, and as if to adopt my words he screamed quadrupled decibels saying that he is the first ever sponsor. Funny coz dude picks up dumpsite older women with tattered innerwears. He can’t afford younglings. Rejects ndo zake.

@gashwin got the sponsor title, shouted like he finally got an erection down his old impotent self. He was over himself; uncontainable. I am sure he shared it on the dinner table before taking off his dentures.

And bingwa was told to go get a life; Ferkers I trends’ set

On I move,

When I hit 1000 likes. I characteristically announced it. If I did it for the awe and admiration, then I got none. I met lots of negativity, enough to prevent all humans from seeing the picture. I was again told to go get a life

@Jirani recently hit 10k likes. In proper chokosh language and dumpsite music he announced it.

Fak u all







Bark! and follow the master

If @10000 OTHERS likes your post, will it be counted as 10,000 likes from Talkers?


Kukinyesha bado mjengo humwagiliwa maji?

Prezzo huwa ana campaign after election…?

Social validation and attention. SIZE=1[/SIZE]