MASTER OF DOUBLE SPEAK. Depending On Prevailing Circumstances. NO Money Was LOST, Later Money Was Lost, Again Later Money Will Be Lost

Leo hakuna Huruma. Ni ANALysis bila lube!!




This Sugoi thief forgets that under his tutelage of the ruthless Moi, there was media oppression, no social media, no mobile phones with recording devices. Only 1- 3 television stations that spewed their propaganda.

Majority of governments heads were functional illiterates or semi-illiterate Kalenjins. What lie they said or spat out was the gospel truth.

They are nostalgic of those bygone years. Those that missed the “boat” see an opportunity of a windfall in this thief from Sugoi.

It’s a new dawn.


PIGA!! Kama Nyoka!!

Azimio damage control has failed, , huyu mzee muoga atawezana na Ruto?



Ruto had a field day according to the Nation.

It was a prime time event so he got more exposure than his main opponent.

Yvonne for women rep…