Master of Darkness dies

The shape shifting master of darkness got killed and destroyed eternally by the foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword. I loved the last season of samurai jack and hoped it would continue for ever. But of course all good things always come to an end.



Upuss, poorly animated and childish

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Samurai Jack reminds me very much of my late bro, he luv’d it so much.

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I love the thread title

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Good news. Big fan of Samurai Jack

Last of the great cartoons of my childhood, Aku was hard to hate, haha
Nimepata kitu ya kuwatch Madaraka day sasa

aah…Akuh is no more? That signals the end of the cartoon ama wataftie Samurai Jack another nemesis.

Oh, I thought you meant Raila:D:D:D


Aakuuuuuuuuh! !thought alikuwa ameuliwa kitambo?

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Sorry shemeji.

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How much I wish the creators of Avatar Korra could continue the animation.

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Hi @Mkufuu nimekumiss!

Wow thanks for the heads u p I loved that series infact I downloaded the whole 10gb and got to enjoy it with my boys , there was always talk of a final season , must download


Hio animation iko sawa, it blends well with their futuristic theme.

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Samurai Jack iko set in the future from powerpuff girls

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Awesome…will download the seasons and watch! Thanks buddy!