Massive troop movement by Kenyan forces .

Massive movement of Kenyan troops spotted under the cover of KDF war planes in the towns of RasKambooni and BuurGabo in Jubada Hoose province Somalia after crossing over from the occupied NFD region


@shocks kuja uone …

Maybe they want some action, its normal, it’s their J.D. Btw the same movements have been detected ata hapa nyumbani if you were keen enough.

warudi nyumbani nonsense

Nonsense is when they get back and the bombs start going off in every market, be greatful someone else is ready to take the bull3t for you, ghaseer!!!

bruh unafikiria wako huko ju yangu… its selfish interests my friend …zile tender na makaa inauzwa huko utashangaa …war is just an excuse to profiit

Well, i am not going to use a point of weakness as reference but there so many good people in that army in Somalia that believe in the flag, the Kenyan flag. Somalia is an active theater used for so many things by our army, war trophies is at the bottom of the checklist esp not coal, maybe sth else. Be concerned with political leadership, that’s where there’s harm, not our soldiers in Somalia.

wamekula za kutosha waje kuinvest sasa

I agree I have nothing against the foot soldier risking their lives. The profiteers are here in Nairobi who get the medals

Why cant we nuke somalia chieth, invade them and colonize them?

Kwani wataketi wapanue miguuu wainue juu ndio Kenya iingie unhindered? Utashangaa chief

No wonder siku hizi hii handle @Wanaruona is silent here

Last 7 days in NFD

Kenya closes Colonial border between the occupied Somali region (NFD) and Somalia on 10th of June

IED hits Kenyan troops on 12th of June

Al Shabaab abduct 3 Kenyan troops in an Ambush on 14th of June

-10 Kenyan troops killed in a bombing today

What are you blabbering about… are you in order my fren? Today you are very blabbery and full of click baits

Mbona nimeitwa

Umeitwa uone this shocking click bait kwa hiyo selfie yako hapo juu


13 police officers feared dead after their Land cruiser was blown up by an IED in Wajir.

Told you earlier in the post,