Apart from the Massage parlour at dev towers, any other along moi avenue, kenyatta avenue, biashara street, or environs i dont want those from tommboya downwards. Kindly advise i need to be worked on tommorow

rico pub and sabina joy

Weekend si utapata jam kubwa ya wazee huko.

Ni wapi huko mkubwa

Cnt yu hire a yellow yellow to massage yu whole night if yu want lokeshen uliza

Patia mimi coordinates

Chukua coordinates 1°16′58″S 36°48′00″E

Griffilian house 4th floor, moi avenue

Gilfillan or Grifillan? Do they do sensual?

They do everything. “gilfillan”

Thanks brother. Hope the gals are cute scoring 7 upwards

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Unamaanisha shoti 7?

They have options to choose from

No i mean on a talkers scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being worst and 10 being pussy spinner tge gals should score 7 upwards

Does it have a name or at leats room number?

Wish you all the best lakini ukumbuke kutumia kinga. Wacha katambe mzae!

4 th floor, turn on your right after stairs, go to the end, door on your left, is always open.

@pamba hapa unaweza Pata mbuzi ya Christmas.

Chiefguest unataka kuniambia ulitembea zile club zote nilikuambia hii yako sasa ni sex addiction

Your recommendations were all east of tomboya street and I was advised against