Massage Reviews and Recommendations

Wanakijiji, I have a few recommendations regarding massages which I have been to. This is not a paid advert.

  1. Elite spa. This one is based on Kabarnet road off Ngong road. Pros: Has the largest fleet in the market (For those that I have been to). the paraded around 30 ladies when I went there. The ladies are also of a wide variety (sizes). CONS: There was a romour that you are only accepted in via car (not sure about this). The ladies are mostly 6-8 rating. They are of a very good age bracjet though. Damages 3k for two shots plus massage. (I normally bargain for this package) Phone: 0742175737

  2. Coco Spa: This one is based on woodvale groove near Equity ATM westlands. This is my favourite spa. I have chewed nearly all ladies on the roster. PROS: very beautiful ladies. ratings of 7-9. The bedminton and massage is good plus the location is accessible for those of us who fear Ngong road prados. CONS; the location. The building is not one of the best. washrooms arent good and you dont shower after service (normally hand towels do the trick). However, I have liked this place coz of the ladies. most of them are brown and beautiful. Age bracjet of 22 to 26. there are normally four to seven on the roster. Avoid the thickest brown kale lady on the roster. Her Bedminton is average but massage and BJ really good. Phone will come later tafadhali. Nitatafuta

  3. No name but there is one on Wambugu hotel. PROS: Has a nice collection of ladies. Raing of 6 to 9. Has a good variety and a nice location. CONS: No shoer after service and ladies looked to minimize everything. (personal opinion). They are also quite pricey (Got only two shots for 3k Instead of my package of massage on top). Bedminton with the lady I had that day Agela was top notch with Cocospa. Phone: 0713 653 941

  4. For the CBD guys, I am a fan of two. Care guest house room number 414. this has been my favourite. ladies ussually change and you can get a good roster. Kijiji knows this one hence no detailed review. Damages: My package is 2k for two shots plus BJ. Shower is always available after service. Never tried massage on this one but massage plus ending is 2k

  5. Kangema House room 25. Managed by a mkisii lady. Location is difficult to describe. enter into Kangema house hapo kwa hardware. reach firstfloor and exit the main stairs (normally kuna watchman) and enter the back end of the building. panda stairs kwa corner to the upper floor. ypu will always be greeted by someone. they usually have six to eight ladies on the roster. i like it coz of the price 1500 for two shots.

  6. Market mansion plaza: This one is on Biashara street not sure of the room number. I was there once. Avearge ladies plus very pricey.

  7. Dev towers. Nice collection of ladies but very pricey. went there once.

  8. City view house, Kienjeku road. This one is one of the newest massage with very beautiful ladies. however, it is allittle pricey. 3k for two shots no masage. the house is a 3 bedroom house and very neat. shower after service. They ahve some exotic breeeds. I founf four ladies and two were tanzanians. one very assed. the age bracket is also good. Phone 0759 292 226

I havent gone to those upscale massages in Lavington etc. Millionaires can add on those. Wanakijiji can also add their own reviews on the ones on this thread. Tusaidiane wanakijiji. I will also do further threads on good ladies and brothels. (SJ included)

Wacha ningojee kurushiwa mawe. Nishavalia Helmet


Mumeamua usherati utakithiri hata kama nabii ndio kiongozi.

Hiyo ya wa-tz kuna petite lasses? Mimi siwezani vifaru.

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Elder, Mimi nitakuwa domesticated soon. This is why I am giving recommendations to others as I exit. Kuna mmoja petite hapo. She is around 22, cant remember the name. But kama wewe ni wa 1GB, I will recommend coco spa and Elite spa

Asante sana.

Ata hakuna picha ya lanye?

Photos will come hapo kwa individual reviews. tread coming soon. watch this space. Those are mostly agencies with a number of ladies you choose from.

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That Mkisii lady is so famous…Honorina

9. Cherry spa. this one is near red ruby hotel, on Ojijo road. A nice 3 bedroom house with four ladies. one petite tow medium and one assed. pocket friendly; 2k for massage plus extra. or 2k for 2 shots. Phone: 0702 405 588

  1. Zeenat spa. This one is on westlands road. Hse no 31 I guess. Opposite UBA Bank. Three ladies to choose from. house very nice. Ldies very beautiful with a nice medium taita lady and one tall assed brown shiny eye. vey pricey though. Damages. 4k for two shots plus massage. Phone 0717 331 559

  2. There is one on Stima lane off lower Kabete road. It is on Keights court near We Hotel and Suites. Dont waste your time and money. average ladies, average service and exorbitant price at 4k. Frequented by wazingus though and those who like ambience ya parking and securuty.

kumbe anatambulikana na wanakijiji


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Plethora of information Mr. @KNNT thank you, let me try and rally our resident homosexuals to see if all this can make them change their despicable ways

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Paying 10x and 20x the fixed price ni ufala

150 unapata chokoraa


Ur welcome Elder

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Thread is open for everyone. Pia wewe tupee recommendatios za 150/=

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Nice thread.

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Vijana wa siku hizi ni usherati tu mnafikiria.

Yes post the pictures please

Na Pomoko LGBTQ awekwe kwa hii list

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10/10 thread. Descriptive+location+damages.
Never gone to hizi massage spa but will try one of these fine days nisalimiane na wakubwa

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