Massage parlour in Jubilee house


nitawatembelea kesho

Hii ni ya kitambo sana kabla massage iaribiwe jina:D:D

gani ni most modern. with sweet young staff who are not into up-selling punani but genuinely does massage. extras at my request

Niaje @eddy mahelo

Hehehe… Ulipata STI gani? Guza malaya and it’s guaranteed utapata herpes though the body contains it. Make sure you get hepatitis b vaccine but most people overcome hepatitis b&c infection unless you are unlucky and end up with liver cancer. Hata hiyo herpes causes a significant increased risk of cancer juu inaingia kwa DNA changing the cell.

As long as there is no condom breakage, there is no risk of hiv infection.

i want to go this one -weka jina hapa na location

Its called la-celeb parlour. Its on Dev Towers 5th floor

Hii la celeb ni noma…it used to have very beautiful girls…

They used to offer good services. I have not been there lately but i understand its up and running i guess they must be having fresh young blood now. Will sample soon

Iko na happy ending ama ni flat like old opened beer

When u sample, kindly let us know kukoje…

How much for one hour ?