Massage parlour in Jubilee house

Can someone brief talkers about the Massage parlour in Jubilee house muindi mbingu street. Is it worth a talker’s hard earned cash?

Ask @FieldMarshal CouchP ndiye hujifanya insider huku

Always spend leisure money on leisure. Hard earned cash is for investments which later generates leisure money.

Villager umeingia kijiji leo na zile uppusy tu unapost hapa ni za umalaya na massage pekee? Kumbaff! Enda ukanyonywe mboro na salamander!

Kenya Talk to the dog s

I agree with you 200%

Hapo hakuna erotic massage. Those guys pride themselves in being a fine Christian establishment that does legitimate business. Hapo ukijaribu hio mchezo unafukuzwa. Niliuliza mambo ya extras nikafukuzwa

why men spend rest of life still making discovery about pussy still amazes , while ladies are result of drop of sperm from dick they don’t have obsession of moving from one massage parlour to nxt

@bumkin hapo umeongea vizuri. It appears that some people have an obsession with hookers it’s so sad

Look who’s talking?

@Juliana Nzaumi mbona unasema hivyo you don’t know me. You are the one who was advertising her services hapa halafu unajifanya holier-than-thou kwenda kabisa

Just for my benefit. Do you know of any better establishment. Not the ones that are downright brothels. I mean those parlors that extras come as a secondary benefit not the ones where when you get there the lady undresses to birth suits and then starts by asking you tuanze na massage ama extra… Those ones are pussy dealers

Let the man live life! Pesa ni zake

Basi the idea of hard earned cash asahau. Hard earned means some guilty will come later. But pesa ya starehe, boss unajibamba bila kuwa na wasi

kuna moja view park towers I think it’s in the third floor. Ukiwaongelesha vizuri watakupatia extra but it’s not something they encourage

Pesa yote ni ya strarehe at the end of the day

Name of this establishment?

@Starscream @Chiefguest kutoka nipate skin disease na STIs (USED PROTECTION) sitawahi rudia hio upuus .

Toa hekaya

Rejuvenate therapy and massage