Massage Pa lour or Brothel

Happy new year Talkers!! While going through the forums i saw a comment from one talker, ikanikumbusha some shit that happened to me in Kahawa 1 year ago. Are these massage palours brothels in disguise?
So a year back, i was living in Kahawa Sukari, that Engen area, sijawai furahia students in my life like when i lived here…anyway thats a story for another day!
There’s this Kinyozi i used to like to go to, paid about 300 for a hair cut but it was legit, and they had these really fly mamas who give mind blowing head massages, so one day, these mama after a nice head massage tells me, “unajua we also do full body massage” that isnt really my kind of thing, so i told her “nitakuja Kesho”. Fast forward, sato, i get an injury at the gym, then i think to myself why not check out that massage place, it was 1500 back then.
This chic was hot, shida ni ungejua ametoka Ginthunguri by just saying “Hae”. So i get back to the Kinyozi Place and she is there, i tell her “Nimekujia ile massage” she laughs flirtingly and i think to myself “Hii kitu nitakuja rarua siku moja”. So we go through a door behind the Barber shop, and it looks like a sort of plot kumi arrangement, we go into B6, ill never forget that door, and its dim, with scented ubani and nice soft music playing at the back.
once i get to the room she shows me the drawer and says she will be back in a minute, so i got out of my pants and wore the towel, sasa, this is where it gets freaky, sijuini shetani gani aliniambia nifungue one of the drawers, kulikua na some condoms the Orange Trust Condom, then i figured prolly kuna mtu hulala hapo usiku or something, i dint read much into it. So with my boxer, nikajifunga towel ya white and lay on the slab facing down. She got in after a minute, then started her magic, and while she rub my back i thought damn, this is actually therapeutic. She did her thing then ikafika point ya kuturn, sasa hapo ndio shida ilianza, maze i was HARD kama KDF imekaa wiki mbili, my guy was not playing around, so i kinda wasted time nione kama ataget nimembao, and she was like, “haya usiogope that is normal nimezoea hio, infact nashangaa kwanini hujatoa nguo” Maze at that point i was shocked and dint believe what she had just said. She stood there doing nothing, nikajua hii ni cue for me to get the F stark naked!! So i did it!!!

sasa, she started from up top, maze this chic knows hers stuff, this thing escalated so first, and at some point, she was just inches away from my dick, then she grabbed it!!! I kid you not this chic grabbed my dick and told me some nasty shit like i have a nice cock! I ignored that out of freaking out juu enyewe sikua naexpect!! then she asked me if she could lick it! I said yes and immediately grabbed her boob etc. Hizo oils na professionalism ya that chic kukamua, it was all over before it started. She was like she doesnt really do this, but she likes me, so i told her i like her too…tuende home tumalize hii maneno, i just live next door, then she said she was going to shags i should take her number, which i did. Next time i tried calling her she said ako job haezi toka, but i could go screw her huko…meaning i pay for the massage…then i figured this was all a trick. Its a clearly thought out thing, i had my neighbor go there and he fucks this chic once or twice a month same story, but sasa this guy actually thinks this chic diggs him.


Ulitumia CD?


Wapi bana?? hehe she gave me a blow job. You know they make it look like the chick likes you so nikama unaiba hehe


Ni kinyozi gani hapo shuge…? ile iko karibu na rangers ama gani? Ama ni mr.him?



2018 watu waoe


First turn on the left just before you get to Quickmart kuna ma mechanic hapo wengi there is a bar juu ya hio Bar kuna and executive barber and massage enda hapo sema untaka massage uone, same story she will pretend she has a crush on you and sucks your dick after that utakua unarudi mwenyewe


I thought niliandika i had no idea it was a brothel bana, mimi nilidhani dem ameninoki but my neighbor alienda and the same shit happened shida ni yeye sasa ni regular hahaha


effidence or it never happened

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Kwani ukioa inakua mwisho wa kuenda kinyozi? There was this kinyozi i used to frequent early this decade and each time this taita lady would insist on her colleagues that she washes my head. Ikawa mazoea. One day nikapeana clawmatsus zitengenezwe. She put my foot on her lap as she began filing my toenails. Mzee akaamka and she noticed. Fast fwd 2hrs later and we were humping like the world was going to end.


Huyo ni malaya…how do u give bjs to strangers,atlist for the sex part ni sawa but bj…hapo unatoka na strain ya avianflu+herpes+hiv combined


GPS Lokeshen spidi! Mbisha ya entrance ya kinyozi pia.


Ile bar najua hapo ni makuti gani nyingine? Ama unasema pause on the opposite side?

Good one hehe

From a BJ?


Hehe…from Shuge. This is a first.

Ponda raha kifo inakuja.


All I can add fika severin hotel ya tsavo…won’t dissapoint…Kwanza off peak season…Nilienda nadem and still got the after sale package one of the dopest shenanigans I have ever pulled…shit was classic…was by the pool after with a blunt like yezzir…Dem had no clue acted like I had a shoulder pains all week best believe I din stop had I Sikh ya mwisho