Massage in Nakuru

Okay… I think that is the main business of those parlors… at the cost of 5k you get everything… not so much different from the 150 ones only the branding, I think! And that costs you 50 times more! Na si labda wananyonji coz that is where the money is? BTW I do not like those ones because I love the natural smell of pssy… not one that has been cleaned with jik and many other chemicals that it smells nothing female but artificial warm hole… smelling soap everywhere!

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Mzae 8 months later badala ukuje na hekaya moto vile ulikamua maraya wa nakuru bado uko hapa kuitisha connection…smh

Siwezi lipa massage. Ulipe pucci na mkia direct.

Don’t try these ones. They are very old Somalis operating in some apartment around kenlands. Very very old and poor in hygiene but they are honest in their massage.

I want genuine massage …not sex do you have contacts or name of apartment .

0115060942 call this lady she operates a genuine massage parlour in the cbd.

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