Mass shooter kills himself while barricaded in a van

All this drama was bcz he wasn’t invited to the party. Men do not seem to handle rejection very well. And that is how 11 people were shot dead bcz a man wasn’t invited to the party. Wanaume y’all need to toughen up. These are very small things to make you go ballistic and kill everyone . Ati you were not invited to a party.

Is he Asian or Asian American?

He has Chinese eyes, can’t tell the difference. What difference does it make? I wonder if he shot his wife.

When a white “active shooter” (not terrorist) kills people we are not told he’s Anglosaxon , or German or French American. But when a Vietnamese American shoots people or is nominated for Vice President he/she is racially profiled as Asian.

Vietnamese are not Asian? Stop being petty.

Did I say they are not? Do yo comprehension problems?

Do you mean, do you have comprehension problems? You are missing out words, do you have cognitive decline? So white active shooter is not profiling but Asian is?

Terrorists are organized by terror groups like Alqueeda. It’s like organized crime. You will not put a random lone shooter who acted alone, in the same group as a shooter who is sent by a terror group. Or put killings by the mob and those of a serial killer together. Was the Hispanic guy who shot kids at an elementary school labeled a terrorist or an active shooter? Was he white? You need to put the race card down and not overthink things.