Mass Relocation Of UN Staff From New York To Nairobi Raises Eyebrows

Many Kenyans will be employed as G staff

Reported by pulselive?

The avalanche is just getting warmed up. They’re sensing that all is not well and the US election will be a riot. A friend of mine who works in the US told me yesterday that they received a memo from their employer stating that their salaries will be increased because their employer has foreseen a situation where many of them will be applying for prolonged leave due to rising political temperatures. Those who agree to stay on will be rewarded with a higher pay.

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Post election violence in USA

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Naskia Trump will not accept na MAGA Wataenda full riotatamalizwa and the president will be Kamala Harris juu Biden will be tired juu ya age

The United Nations has already awarded a $267.5 million contract for expanding their Nairobi offices and for conference facilities.

Where else do you want them to invest such a large sum of money knowing how volatile African countries are?? Kenya isn’t heaven, but it is the most stable place for westerners in sub-sahara Africa considering the insecurity in South Africa and their load shedding etc.

Fairly reliable electricity, water, 5G internet, relatively good roads, an English-speaking population, and an already tried and tested country. The UN staff already know exactly how things run here and they like it. I think this is a positive image for Kenya to the world.

Always remember that these diplomats put cash in your pocket directly or indirectly. Leo wakikula lanye wamlipe $100 she will come and blow 2k in your restaurant/supermarket/school etc. As a local businessman, the money loaded diplomats spend will somehow end up in your bank account.

Ukiona serious hotel investors wakikuja Nairobi jua kuna information wanajua. Hyatt Regency na JW Marriott in Westlands recently obviously wanajua kitu. Niliona pia kuna ingine inajiita Glee on your way to Two Rivers.


Yes refugees from the USA to Kenya. The clever ones like these guys saw the whole picture long ago. What Ruto must do now is prepare the country for an huge influx of new arrivals. Babylon is crumbling….


I wish they were constructing houses for them as well. Imagine all of a sudden getting 1,625 people who are heavy consumers. I’m sure they would want to live in the leafy suburbs and take their children to ‘group of schools.’ Demand for these commodities will skyrocket. Assuming a family of four for each UN employee, the figure for these new arrivals could go as high as 6,000+, here to stay permanently. Of course once they get comfortable and witness the chaos unfolding in America from afar, they will be calling all their friends and families to join them. As a local citizen on the ground, I think it’s important that you hold on to your houses and properties. Dont sell. Prepare the land; America’s political refugees are coming. This year!


There has been complaints raised by political adversaries of yuess, yes russia, that yuess unjustifiably blocks visas to prevent access to the un in contravention to some principle that headquartered un in yuess sijui what.

Post election violence in yuess is one a reason just as the un making feeble attempts to appear neutral by shifting some of its work to “neutral” locations accessible to all.


Demand and supply rules will be at play, those nice apartments and houses in the diplomatic zone will be built and everyone will be happy. And remember G staff don’t have to live in the zone, it’s only the P and D staff who have to. Kwanza you charge then in $$

This is the United Nation, not The US. They might as well relocate UN attaches from Africa and other 3rd world countries.
Leaving most Jungu’s in NY.


The UN employs from all countries. You might find those relocating hakuna americans labda ni UN employees from haiti, nigeria, mongolia, iraq, Bangladesh etc.

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It’s The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), that is relocating it’s office’s from New York to Nairobi. Y’all making it sound like the whole UN body is relocating to Nairobi banae.


No, those ones will be left behind to tough it out with the millions of illegals in NYC. Do you think the UN can spend $270 million building brand new offices for UN employees from the third world?

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Its a web. Or medusa. Or octopus. Vichwa mingi but kitu kimoja. :green_emoji:


Naskia it’s only the UN staff that’s of Nigerian & Congo nationality who’re getting relocated to Nairobi. America imewachoka. They’re tired of their shenanigans so they’re dumping those bonobos huku.

They’ll arrive here and spend their discretionary time in Calabash, chewing smelly momos.

maybe the decision was informed by cost, for instance, lets say Uganda has 25 people attached to the UN pale NY, why not have 5 working at the NY office and relocate 20 to work in Nairobi.
Which is way cheaper.

Ukirudi kenia unione kuna shamba nauza huko Nyeri