Masquerade Party

Has anyone attended any of this parties as below.Najua tu za corporate events where pple know each other n there is no mystery hapo…

Asking for a friend,uwesmake usicomment …najua utaconfuse this with a bullfigting party


never have but would like to

Never attended but si twende na wewe

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i will buy you a deer mask :stuck_out_tongue:


Sasa @Purr_27
What’s your pastor’s take on masquerade parties?

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Isorait si ungeniita rioness ama tiger…

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Peasant event wit alot of snobs who haven’t made it yet

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It is my priest deer…


leta hekaya na u post mbica

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Usiende kenyan parties disappoint on so many levels

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Can I masquarade as Guy Fawkes?

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Its better to go with a companion dissapointment is less

Pastor,priest,reverend,father whatever… Whats their take?

Hii nayo wacha niitwe peasant…sijawai enda!

hii hata nikiitwa siendi

I hve to ask and let you know

You should try …:slight_smile:

Damn, you beat me to it!

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