Masonic Vs internet


One that stands out glaring is Big Brother’s symbol and the eye of Horus.[ATTACH=full]276449[/ATTACH]

saudi police dont play around with signs

The Planet Saturn rules this world,look around at the logos of major international brands across industries,they give reverence to the planet in some way.Even the Wi-Fi symbol isn’t exempt from this.

I forgot to add that Saturn rules this world through time,with our moon as an actual Satelitte through which Saturn transmits its’ waves I.e. time


Internet explorer,Nissan,Boeing,Vodafone,Toyota,Alfa Romeo,BMW etc.It’s everywhere,even in the mainstream religions of the world.

Interesting indeed

Mkitaka kuingia Freemasons enda pale nyuma ya kbc muongee na kamkamba fulani hapo atakuonyesha njia

Fleemason ya mkao Habana tambua

In the all the years I’ve studied Zodiac and Occult, I ever chanced upon that knowledge


So bila moon we’ll be timeless? How will we age? Will the sun still be the center? Will the eart stop rotating? I know we’ll have fukced up tidal waves…maybe?

Will there be any tidal waves if the moon’s gravitational pool is non existent, what a dull world it would be

I don’t know what would happen if the moon wasn’t there but I assume there would have to be one if the planet Saturn was still ruling this earth

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