Mason randy hizi ni gani

Msapere na Ku save mbesha


This building is not fit for human occupation. Inspector amekula kakitu ndio ikapewa permit

A corridor/walk way should be at least 3ft (90cm) wide. Hii judging from the 1 and 1/3 tile naona ni less than 1 and 1/2 foot wide. A persons width is about 2 feet meaning you cant walk through that space and have to squeeze sideways.

Hehe. Hiyo ni kawaida. Anything to save money. [ATTACH=full]332822[/ATTACH]

sasa mtu ako 200 kgs of fat and mafwi kama @Bingwa Scrotum atafanyaje

Hii si sponyo anaeza ona siku ndefu sana kama amekam kurarua vitu?

Wakanyama hawezi disappointl :D:D:D

Sema tu ni wewe na your wide webbed feet Kama za duck hauwezi pitia hapo vizuri

TF?? umeekewa choo kitchen?.

Afadhali niishi ocha ivi ndio munaishi

This are the results of perpetually electing idiots. Once in Austria, I was hosted by a friend kwa nyumba ya kanjo ya kwao. The house was spacious and well planned than my current shithole in South C. Walikua mpaka na AC na heating not to mention a constant supply of water with scheduled garbage collection. Hapo ndio nilijua Africans are still evolving. I left wondering na Muthaiga yao inakaaje kama estate ya kanjo iko hivyo.

Standard corridor ni 900 - 1000 mm but judging from the size of the large and small tiles along the corridor which are approximately 450mm and 225mm respectively … This is madness. Io nyumba haezi pata wateja. This are the consequences of not paying professionals but in reality you are basically signing a blank cheque…
In my hood kuna a 5 storey building with 10 studio units per floor which hasn’t be occupied 5yrs after completion. Nyumba hazina shape,they are squeezed and the toilet/kitchenette spaces are barely functional as speak the guy is converting them into lodgings.

Look at those colonial kanjo houses of ngara
Very spacious

Walipigaje plaster Kwa iyo small space

Austria si mahali ya kutangazia watu kumbaff!

What the flyin fuck! Na ati kuna Nema sijui AAK sijui minithtry of houthing…

This is just one of the VISIBLE flaws what of the hidden flaws unseen by the naked eye??!

Plaster sio shida… but I am yet to understand how they built five floors without anyone realising kuna shida.

These things were there in Kenya. Trash used to be picked up once a week by the city council up until the 90s. AC is not really necessary in Nbi houses because it doesnt get too hot and stone keeps away the heat fairly well. But houses were built with fireplaces. You find them in houses on the west side of the city which was a middleclass area, not a rich zone it is today. Water never disappeared either. This is a “new” phenomenon.
Elect Waititu, Sonko, Kingori and the likes to office, and you get degradation of services while they enrich themselves.

…Niko Austria saa hii , si unipee contacts ya huyo sleikwin hata mimi nione hio nyumba ya kanjo…