Mason Greenwood to join Mendy in prison.

Apparently that boy has been abusing his fiancé physically emotionally and psychologically. Dem amepost photographic evidence pale Instagram, feminazi wameshika moto demanding greenwood to be arrested and locked up.

There is an audio findio of him attempting to rape her. Mi nashangaa, with all his money and fame he still needs to rape a woman to get pucy? Kwani UK maisha ni ngumu aje.

Black athletes and snow bunnies. Tale as old as OJ Simpson.


That guy is on £350k a week and he still clings on one woman.

Huku developed countries women have more rights on average than men. Unless you are super rich rich and well connected to most politicians, any wrong move you are done fr. Prostitution is also kinda illegal (porn is not, lmao).

Let boys be boys. Ni nani hapa hajawai gusa dem matiti akakataa.

When fucking a lanye huko always have a camera with you incase.

Bonobo imeharibu unga


He actually gets 75k a week but point taken

Try a month!

Power of pudesh…he could fly weekly to Thailand and sample tighter shiet…

Mendy saa hii ako na mileage kama ya Boeing 707.

If you can’t walk out of an abusive relationship, acha kutupigia kelele kwa chochio media. It just means you enjoy being slapped around.

Uk prisons naskia haijajaa mashoga kama zile za Bidenstan. US prisons have a really big problem.

the denominator is always the same: a white woman no wonder Victor wanyama was importing our local kungurus

sioni evidence yoyote hapo Greenwood amepiga mtu. that mad woman might have knocked herself vile greenwood alimuambia anamuacha . but itakua mbaya this boy is the next Wayne Rooney but naona maybe mpaka tabia .

Mendy naye apewe bail banae hakuuwa mtu. apewe bail aingie Burkina Faso atulie kwa palace polepole

Degea ako na umama sana , ame unfollow greenwood social media

Well, he’s not as that would make him, insanely, highest earner in the club, but your point still stands. I think if you’re in a high-risk high-reward career like professional football it’s just better to play the field, pay for sex and/or shag grannies like Rooney

That rapey audio will nail him IMO. Proper mad lad, and he’s just 20:D:D[ATTACH=full]414280[/ATTACH]